International Cultural Exchange:
• DeSurl | from the south:
deSurl can be translated literally as meaning “from the south”. The word “Surl” is a mixing of the respective words for “south” in Spanish and Portuguese: “sur” and “sul”. This project creates spaces for intercultural exchange between individuals from both South and North Americas. For more information, please visit:

Digital Humanities:
• “Xamanism and Healing in the De Angelis Manuscripts,” interactive CD-room with data basis about practices of medicine in the collection De Angelis about Colonial Latin America. This project was concluded in 2003, and it made available about 4000 unpublished sources located in the National Library of Rio de Janeiro. Bianca helped to create the data basis and its categories (i.e. of gender, of Native American group, of native plants and other materials used for healing, among others); she fed the basis based on the reading of each document; created short descriptions for each document; identified Indigenous names and locations; and wrote her master’s thesis based on these sources.